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The Inverted Pyramid Spread

Tarot reversals have many layers of meaning. But all the layers point in a single direction: internalization of energy.

Sometimes this can be good. Other times it can shake you up and say you are headed towards the wrong direction internally. But they are always markers of your internal environment.

The Inverted Pyramid Spread is designed to harness the tremendous power of reversed tarot cards. Therefore, this spread uses only reversed cards to tell you something ground-breaking: the story of your future self.

Who do you want to be remembered as when you are dead and gone?

We all aspire to be greater than who we are. Some want to achieve respect from society. Others want to be known for helping the poor. Still others want to be called revolutionaries. But all these aspirations are tied by a common string: who do you want to be known as after you are dead and gone?

The Inverted Pyramid Spread is designed to help you answer that critical question. Because, let’s face it, no one counts the number of houses and cars you owned at your funeral. They speak of the qualities that made you humane. They say you were a role model, a person with a vision that changed their lives, an individual who touched them with kindness and humility. They speak of the person you were when you were alive.

This spread helps you answer that question. How do you want people to remember you after you are dead?

It is not an easy spread by any means. But the answers you will get from it can change your life.

On a Lighter Note

The Inverted Pyramid spread can be used for simpler questions as well. For example, you may want success in your career by becoming a leader in your field. The spread can definitely answer that. The important thing is, at the end of the day, whoever you become will define you. So choose wisely.

And for those of you who are not comfortable with reversed cards, you can definitely try it with the upright. But I recommend you to straighten the pyramid, if you want to go that way. The structure and positions of this spread are very specific for a reason.

Also: you really need to get over your fear of reversals!


Card Positions

Cards 9 & 10: Represent who you are at present.

Cards 7 & 8: Represent the external influences on your situation.

Cards 4, 5 & 6: Represent the challenges life will throw at you to test your mettle.

Card 2 & 3: Represent the traits and characteristics you need to develop to defeat the challenges.

Card 1: Represents who you want to become.

How to Do the Spread

Since it is an only-reversed Tarot spread, make sure all your cards are reversed. Then proceed with shuffling.

While you can shuffle any way you like, the actual cards are dealt in a very specific way.

Think of your question as you shuffle. Once done deal the cards from the top of the stack one after another until you have dealt out ten. Make sure you follow the position numbers as marked in the image. Don’t mix them up, especially the topmost layer.

How to Read the Story of the Inverted Pyramid

To become who you want to be, you need to first defeat your greatest enemy – your own self.

The Inverted Pyramid cascades down to one point: the “who” you want to become. But the path to that card is not easy. There are 3 levels of pain you must master first.

Level One

 The topmost level have 4 cards. Out of these, the two in the middle represent who you are right now. For better or for worse, these cards are important. Accept your reality.

The outer two cards represent external influences in your life that are causing drama and distractions.

Level Two

 The second level of the pyramid is the level of challenges. And the interesting thing is: they are the byproduct of level one. That means, your present personality and external influences are responsible for them.

You are responsible for your own challenges.

The 3 cards of this level represent the challenges that can make or break you. Think of them as the gatekeepers to greatness.

They will throw the greatest obstacles in your way. Make it so difficult that you will want to break down and cry. And push you so hard that you will contemplate giving up.


The sad thing is, with most people these gatekeepers will succeed. But when they win, you lose in life.

How do you reach the tip of the pyramid then? How do you defeat these monsters?

There is a way. But it is not easy.

If you choose to face these challenges head-on, hunker down and refuse to give up, there will come a time when the gatekeepers will throw down their arms and surrender to you. They will open up the way to victory.

That is, if you refuse to break.

But how do you defeat challenges that were created by your own self?

The truth is: all the mustered courage in the world will not help if you approach them with the same attitude you have at present. That’s where the level three cards come in.

Level Three

On this third level we see only 2 cards. These represent those abilities and traits you need to develop to defeat the level 2 challenges.

The brilliant thing is, once you master these two, you will suddenly realize that you are Card 1.

It’s almost magic!

But only you will know that your overnight success required months and years of hard work to defeat the previous levels.

That’s why when you think about it, once you reach the tip, the reversed cards suddenly seem upright. What was an inverted pyramid appears to be a straight arduous climb.

Do the numbers make sense now?

Tips and Tricks

  • Cards 7 & 9 together give rise to the challenge in Card 4. Study them to understand why you are plagued by this particular challenge.
  • Similarly, Cards 9 & 10 create the challenge of Card 5.
  • Cards 8 & 10 form the challenge of Card 6. All these combinations will tell you very specific dynamics.
  • External influences can be very toxic. Remember that sometimes you may have to cut off those influences to take away power from the challenges they help to spawn. It is an efficient way of progressing, even if difficult to do so at first.
  • Cards 4, 5 & 6 speak of a specific personality trait when combined. This is different from the ones mentioned in Cards 9 & 10. Understand who this person is and you will have one monster to defeat instead of three. Of course, that will also mean that the monster will be bigger, but by condensing the challenges in this manner you can face the enormity of the task by narrowing your focus.
  • Your greatest enemy is your own self. The monster formed by the combination of the challenge cards is therefore that aspect of your personality that is dominant at present and creating so much havoc in your life.
  • Cards 2 & 3 also speak of one single personality that becomes the hero capable of slaying the monster. Combine the traits mentioned here as well. But remember, you need to work hard to become this hero. Internalizing the principles is a good place to start.
  • Remember the various ways of interpreting reversals. You will be surprised how many cards show up bearing messages that need to be interpreted differently.
  • Don’t get overwhelmed. If you are not sure of reversed cards, leave this spread alone for the moment. You can return later when you are more comfortable.


Now, let me tell you a secret.


Good learners are those who apply what they learn. But the very best ones share their experiences to help others along the way.

Do let me know what you think about this spread by commenting below. And most importantly, share what you experience. It will help us all learn.

I hope the spread helps you. Good luck.

— Valeria


2 thoughts on “The Inverted Pyramid Spread”

  1. This is really cool! I do have a bit of a fear towards reversals right now, and I have never thought of doing a spread entirely of reversals! That sounds like a great way to work through that fear and get a better handle on reversals in general – I’m definitely going to try this spread and might try some others with reversals only to keep experimenting with this idea. So smart!


    1. Thanks Avis! 🙂 Let me know how your experiment with reversals go. I really like them, ever since I figured out how to read them. In fact, if you need some help with reversals, I have written an in-depth book on the same, which is coming out soon. I am keeping it free forever because I want to help people get over their fear of reversed cards.


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