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The Reversed 5 of Cups + Free Reversal Worksheet

Reversed cards are not as tough as they look. You just need to figure out the right way to read them.


The Secret to Accurately Reading Reversed Cards


When you are first exposed to a reversal, it can seem like a tangle of gibberish. It’s only when you approach them from the right angle that the world of reversals open up to you.

How do you do that?

By first learning the upright card inside-out.

Since this post is about the reversed 5 of Cups, I will not go into much details about the upright 5 of Cups. But if you are unsure about its meaning, I recommend you read this post before you proceed.


Embracing the Unconventional Nature of Reversals and applying it to the Reversed 5 of Cups


It doesn’t take a big leap to understand why reversals are unconventional in nature. After all, they are upside-down when everything else stands straight.

That’s why, when you receive a reversed card in your reading, make sure you keep an eye out for those unconventional chunks of wisdom these cards carry around with them.

Now let us explore the various ways of interpreting a reversed 5 of Cups—

reversed 5 of cups


Internalization of Grief


Reversals speak of internalized energy. They deal with the subconscious. So there is a high chance your card might be revealing the state of your hidden emotions.

A reversed 5 of Cups expressed as a positive internalization will speak of the individual’s resolve to accept their pain and heal it by re-engaging with the world. While a negative expression of it will reveal extreme depression and pessimism, and the absolute unwillingness to let go of the past.


Unconventional Wisdom


The Reversed 5 of Cups can sometimes ask you to share your grief with the world.

While this may seem like stupid advice in your vulnerability, by embracing your pain and sharing it with others you enable them to express their own vulnerability too, and thus motivate each other to heal your wounds.

The 5 of Cups in my Shadowscapes deck once showed up with an unconventional message in this reversed stance—

I was restless and feeling useless at that time. So the card asked me to decide in very specific terms what I truly want from life, and then release it to the Universe. Anyone who believes in the power of manifestation will understand what I am getting at here.

When I did that—when I made up my mind down to the last detail—suddenly my grief transformed and I was able to see the opportunities that were lying all around me.


Excessive and Undermined Expressions of Sorrow


When the reversed 5 of Cups feels like an excessive expression of the card’s energy, it can point out individuals who have truly given up on life. These people wear their “victim status” like a badge of honor. And drown others in their persist pessimism.

On the other hand, if the energy of this card is undermined, the individual will suppress all their grief and pretend as if everything is fine. But their lack of focus and incessant need for stimulation will clue you in to their suppression.

They are trying to escape the pain by pretending it doesn’t exist. Unfortunately, pretenses fracture sooner or later.


The Step-by-Step Guide to Interpreting the Reversals


While the above interpretations can help you to an extent, you will never understand the true message of the reversed card in front of you unless you make an effort to actively connect with its unique story.

To help you with that, I have created a downloadable PDF worksheet.

This worksheet contains an outline of the exact steps you can take to hit the bulls-eye each and every time with a reversed card. I recommend you print it out and start filling in the work boxes. In case you do not have a printer handy, you can write down your impressions in your Tarot journal.

Believe me, writing down something is the fastest way to cementing knowledge in your mind.

How do you get this this worksheet?

If you are a member of the Exclusive Reader’s Club, you will find it in the special access Tarot folder. (Email me if you have lost the link.)

But if you are not, don’t worry! You can join for FREE right now and gain instant access to all the Tarot books and resources available to Club members.

Sign me up!




And if you want to learn more about reversals, you can head over to this page and download your free copy of the Ultimate Guide to Tarot Reversals. No signups, no hidden clauses. Just a free gift to spread knowledge in the world.

I hope this lesson helped you.

Till next time,

— Valeria


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