Exclusive Reader’s Club Newsletter #2

Hi folks!

It’s Monday once again. And like all Mondays, the weekly newsletter of the Exclusive Reader’s Club is out.

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Newsletter #2

In this week’s issue, I discuss a lot of interesting things. The most important being the need to feel part of a healthy community.

The problem is, most of us are born in communities that do not ring true with who we are as a person. Maybe their thought-patterns are outdated. Maybe there is rampant discrimination within the ranks. Maybe there is lack of equality among the genders.

Whatever the reason might be, I believe every individual should make an effort to find their true community in life. In fact, being born in this millennium of the internet actually gives us the ability to find our tribes.

I love our warm community here. I love that we share a passion for Tarot and spiritual growth. And I feel blessed every time one of you writes to me.

Thank you so much! It always means a lot.

— Valeria


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