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The Magician Spread

I love magic. I love the sleight of hand, the tricks that fool you, and the shows that magicians put on.

And I also love real magic!

The Magician of the Tarot is, for lack of a better word, a magical card. It crackles with power and awes us. It tells us we are capable of conjuring our every wish and desire. And it does so electrically fast.

This spread taps into that electricity.


The Heart of the Magician Tarot Spread



Before we dive in, here’s the scoop: The Magician shows us we have all the power in the world to turn out lives around.

He stands on his dais, surrounded by his objects of power, and looks us right in the eye as he says — “What you seek is right there inside of you.”

It’s an inspiring card. And that’s why this spread is inspiring too.

With this spread you can change your life. You can manifest your dreams and heart’s desires. You can be the master of your Universe.

Just remember: Be careful what you wish for.


How to Shuffle and Deal the Cards

Just like a good magic trick, the cards in this spread are dealt in an eccentric manner. But before I tell you how to do that, please make sure all your cards are upright. I love Tarot reversals, but we are not going to use them in this spread. After all, we are trying to manifest our desires in reality. That does not fit well with the internalized vibe of reversed cards.

Once you have done that, shuffle the deck any way you like. But do not cut it!

Like any good card trick, this spread requires you to deal the cards from the top of the deck. So give it a nice shuffle, and a handful of flourishes too (if you want to feel the vibe), and then deal from the top.

There are 7 cards in the spread — deal the first three face-up, and then lay down the last four face-down in a row.


The Spread


magician spread
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 Card 1: This card represents divine inspiration. The crack of lightning that surges through our mind and shows us how to manifest our dreams in reality.

Card 2: This card represents how we use this Divine inspiration and transform it within ourselves.

Card 3: Represents the final outcome of the inspiration. This is the manifestation we are seeking.

These 3 cards are dealt face-up to show us how inspiration comes down from the Universe, courses within us, and then finally becomes reality. It is electric and does not waste any time. That’s why they are dealt face-up. The answer is electric — just like the Magician.

Observe these cards, make your assessments, and note down your interpretations in your Tarot journal. Don’t flip over the bottom four cards until you have done so.

Once that is done, it is time to unveil the hidden cards.

The Magician in most Tarot decks is surrounded by the objects of the Minor Arcana. This symbolizes how the Magician is in sync with, and can use, every gift that has been given to him to make his wishes come to life. The hidden cards represent the same.

These are the weapons in your arsenal to make your dream become reality. Unveil them one at a time to absorb the strength of your gifts.

Card 4: Represents Earth and the suit of Pentacles. It is the gift of the body, finances, family, career, etc. It represents the material means through which you will achieve your desire.

Card 5: Represents Air and the suit of Swords. It is the gift of the mind, communication, ideas, etc. It represents the creative processes through which you will turn your dream into reality.

Card 6: Represents Water and the suit of Cups. It represents the gift of intuition and psychic powers. It is that gut feeling you get just before you zero-in on the right course of action. It represents how you can use your intuition to manifest your desire.

Card 7: Represents Fire and the suit of Wands. This is the gift of drive and passion. It represents how you will go after your dreams to make them real.

Unveil these cards slowly so you can correlate the gift with Card 2. Once all the cards are face-up, focus only on Card 2 and the four gifts. For all intends and purposes, this is how you will achieve your goal. So pay attention.


Tips and Tricks

 The order of the gifts is very specific.


  • 4 is the number of stability. It represents Earth. The steadfast and stable. It is what you already possess to make your dreams real.


  • 5 is the number of questing and change. It is the seeker’s number. The number of a creative mind. This comes next because you can only make plans once you have inventoried what you already possess. This also allows you to make plans to acquire the things you do not have yet but require direly for your goals.


  • 6 is the number of the nurturer. It is water. It rules the realm of instincts. Once you have a plan in place, go forth where your intuition leads you. You will never go astray.


  • 7 is the number of truth. Everything boils down to this. If you cannot translate your ideas and inspiration into drive to go get your desire, your dream will always remain a dream.


  • Always study the first 3 cards to see the big picture before you unveil the gifts. How you make the inspiration uniquely yours is the guiding principle here.


  • The final outcome is important. If you get a card that gives you bad vibes, maybe you need to change your desire. Remember: Be careful what you wish for. Choose badly, and you may end up wishing you had never wished your wish in the first place.


Download the Free Printable PDF

The Magician spread is very powerful. It can truly help you manifest your desires in reality.

That’s why I have prepared a handy PDF for your to download and print at home. This way you will have a handy reference while trying this out , and will not have to check your computer or smart phone again and again (which frankly is very annoying).

Download the Magician Spread Printable

(Right click on the link and press “Save link as…” )



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What desire are you going to manifest with this spread?

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