Community Round Table

How Did Your Spiritual Journey Begin?



This week in the community round table, we discussed how our spiritual journeys began.

I know it’s not an easy question. Sometimes it is even difficult to pin down. That’s why I was blown away by every email I received on this topic.

There weren’t too many (and among them only Julia agreed to share her story with the world), but I am, nevertheless, grateful that you took some time to write back to me. You are truly amazing!

So without further ado, here’s what’s in this week’s round-up:-

  • The story of how my spiritual journey began with a dream.
  • Julia’s incredible story of growing spiritually to help her child.
  • A round-up of interesting stories on spiritual journeys from around the web.

I hope you enjoy this week’s round table.

P.S. Keep an eye out for next week’s newsletter (comes out tomorrow). The new round table topic will be posted at the end of it. Have a great day!


“What is destined will find a way.”

How A Dream Changed My Life

                                 — Valeria Black


I don’t know who said these words. I don’t know where I heard them the first time. But I remember connecting with them instantly.

“What is destined will find a way.”

My spiritual journey began the same way.


The first few memories I have of my childhood are all memories of the night. I was really afraid of the dark, and needed a nightlight to sleep.

I don’t remember why I was afraid. I don’t ever remember anyone telling me ghost stories. But I remember I was afraid.

Over the course of the next 18 years, I grew up and had many more unexplainable experiences. But since I have always had a scientific bend, I would somehow find a way to explain them away or discount them.

And then I got interested in astrology.


What started off as a simple discussion with a new friend (who I now know is family to my soul), soon sent me spinning into territory I had never explored before this.

The more I read about astrology, the more intrigued I became.

I learnt how to read the birth chart, how to figure out my personality through the various planets and luminaries, the significance of the houses, and much more. And then one day, a few years into this, I learnt about stelliums.

A stellium is a tight conjunction of 4 or more planets or luminaries in the same 30 degree pie of the sky. And when I checked my birthchart after reading about this, I realized I had one — a strong stellium in scorpio in the 8th house.

Learning this unlocked something inside me.

…and then the murders began.

Okay, relax! I am kidding about the last bit. But learning about the stelliums really did unlock something inside me. It helped me see (and accept) a part of me I had never known I had inside — the mystic. And learning about it helped me recognize the power I had to connect with the spirit plane and do incredible things.

Everything tumbled into place, one after another, after that.

I started seeing repeating numbers everywhere. And other “messages”. But they were all gibberish to me. I needed a mentor badly, but I did not know who to approach. This trial and error method of teaching myself was too slow and undirected.

Finally, I got frustrated one day and spoke to an empty room, “Please! Find me a different way to understand you! I really don’t understand shit!”

Something extraordinary happened that night.

Not right then. But in my dream.


When I woke up the next morning, I lay in bed and felt an electric sensation go through me. It’s the feeling we all get when we dream a dream that leaves a mark on our memory. This one was that. And it was all about a Tarot card.

I knew nothing about Tarot at that time. Not even the names of the cards. I just knew they were a pack of “woo-woo” cards that supposed-to-be-psychics would pull out in the Monday morning news to tell our fortune.

But in that dream, I had known the card.

I was dating a boy at that time, and in that dream he gave me the King of Swords. I remember taking it from him, and wordlessly knowing that he was showing me who he believed he was. But when I flipped the card over, I saw a young man on the throne instead. He looked more like a prince to me than a king.

I googled the King of Swords next morning and was astounded when I saw the king’s posture in the RWS deck. It was the card I had seen in my dream! The only difference: the king was a middle-aged man in the RWS.

Next, I googled the meaning of the King of Swords and (because I had a feeling) also the Prince of Swords. The meanings (and the image of the Prince) blew me away.

This boy I was dating thought he was the King of Swords. He wanted the world to see him that way. But his true personality matched the Prince’s instead. I was spooked and amazed! I had asked for a tool to understand spiritual messages, and here it was: Tarot.

I ordered my first deck soon enough, and life changed for me in leaps and bounds since.

Do I understand my powers completely yet? Not really. I still don’t have a mentor. But every time I make a breakthrough, mainly because of Tarot, these words ring through me — “What is destined will find a way.”

All I need to do is keep seeking the truth.




“I was asked to develop my abilities so I can help my daughter understand hers.”

The Incredible Story of Love and Spirituality

                                                   — Written by Julia


I’ve been a spiritual person for as long as I can remember. I had a lot of experiences growing up involving the spirit world, and “feeling” and “hearing” messages. It was something I was terrified of and actively blocked out.

I feel like I am now at a point in my life where I am more emotionally and mentally prepared to explore my spiritual side.

I bought my first deck years ago but didn’t work with it much, mainly because I did not know where to start. Then my daughter was born 10 months ago, and since then I have felt almost magnetically drawn to tap into my spiritual and intuitive side.

She’s a wonderful almost otherworldly old soul who has attracted a lot of “energies” since she was born; so much so that it was becoming a disruption in our day to day life. So I went to a highly recommended Tarot reader who immediately picked up on why I was there, and she advised me to develop my own abilities so I can help my daughter understand hers.

I don’t want my daughter to grow up afraid. I want for her to feel empowered and comfortable developing her gift. So basically I came to Tarot to be the best possible mom to my little girl.




Astounding Stories and Other Interesting Bits From Around the Web


  1. How Did the Spiritual Journey Begin For You?

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  1. A Bug Gives Me Spiritual Direction

A warm personal tale of how spiritual messengers come in the most unexpected forms.


  1. How a Spiritual Journey with LSD Changed My Life

I am not an advocate of drug use and neither do I do drugs, but this is a beautifully written piece about breaking past barriers and taking control of your life.


  1. Three Stages of Spiritual Development

A wonderful article on the stages we encounter on our spiritual journey, and how it is not a one-way flight to the top, but rather a test of our resilience in the face of pain and our openness to learn more.


  1. Path of Spirituality

A concise article on what it feels like, and what you encounter, when you are embarking on a spiritual journey.



How did your spiritual journey begin? Did you have any odd encounters?

Share you story in the comments below.

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