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One Choice That Changed My Life

Choices change our lives.

Sometimes they are made by us. Other times they are made for us.

Regardless of the origin, choices make this world go around. And today’s Round Table focuses on that.


Why Leaving My 9-5 Job Was the Best Decision I Ever Made


I am a dentist. At least, my degree and license makes me one.

But I did not choose this profession. Not consciously, at least.

Like most children in my country, I was taught from childhood that I needed to get a solid degree and then rake in cash for the rest of my life.

That was the golden dream. The path to success and status.

Everyone wanted it. It made perfect sense.

Unfortunately, it is a foolish belief that has ruined millions of lives, and continues to do so even now.

This belief caused a 7 year old child to proclaim to her parents that she wanted to be a doctor. Not because she knew what it meant to be one, but because everyone in her family wanted a doctor, and she felt she needed to be their hero.

This belief made a 16 year old shelf her dream of becoming a successful author (when there were opportunities coming her way) because she had to study for a stupid test that wouldn’t even make a difference in the end.

This belief made me afraid of doing what made me happy: writing.

It made me feel like a loser because all my extraordinary achievements as a writer did not add into my CV as a dentist.

It embarrassed me and told me that I was kidding myself. That I should let go of my dream because the dream chosen for me made more sense.

Needless to say, I was unhappy. And sinking fast.

So one day I asked myself this question —

If I got into a terrible car accident one day, and it was a choice between losing my ability to write and my ability to be a surgeon, which one would I sacrifice?

The question paralyzed me.

The answer was staring me in the face, but I was too afraid to acknowledge that I had ruined a large chunk of my life by holding on to a false belief. That my parents and society had failed me. That they had thrust a belief upon me that even they knew (if they were honest with themselves) was just a lie.

“It is really success, if you are successful in the eyes of the world, but a failure in your own eyes?”

So I left my job.

I gave up the cushy 9-5 with its safe salary and benefits, and became a freelance writer. And the decision flipped a switched inside of me.

I wrote, and wrote, and wrote, and accomplished in one month what would have otherwise taken me 1 year to accomplish.

I wrote and opportunities opened up for me that allowed me to go from being a nobody to somebody.

I wrote, and wrote, and wrote some more. And I was happy. Day in and day out.

It surprises me even now how one decision made everything else fall into place. How it opened up doors that I had nailed shut unconsciously. How it taught me that success was whatever I define it to be, and not what others think it is.

Was it easy to make this decision? Absolute not.

But it made all the difference in the end.

Are you making the ones in your life?




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What is that one choice you made that changed your life in big ways?

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