What Are You Passionate About?


Passion is an interesting emotion.

It burns hot, gets our blood pumping, and makes us lose sleep.

In short, it sounds more like a medical condition that the precursor to greatness.

But that is exactly what passion is. Keep at it long enough and it births something extraordinary. 

That’s why a life without passion is no life at all. Just a zombie-like state of existence waiting for the day to finally plop into the grave and get eaten by worms.

But is it easy to be passionate?

It seems like that from afar. But what many don’t know is that passion brings along with it risks and the possibility of failure.

No wonder so many people give up on their dreams. We are too afraid of society’s harsh judgement.

But if there is one thing every successful person knows, it is that failure paves the way to success.

Maybe that’s why overnight superstars rarely keep their fame. They just don’t know what to do with it. They were never toughened by failures to keep going.

That’s the theme for this week. Patience and persistence fueled by passion.


11th June


This week use your intellect to set goals.


The Reversed King of Swords comes bearing the message of internalization.

He is the king who leads with his ideas and long-ranging vision. And that’s what he is asking you to be this week.

Be the King of Swords internally. Be sharp, shrewd, and use your intelligence to figure out what you need to do to achieve your long-term, end goals.

But the path isn’t easy.

The King sits on a throne that is encased in a shimmering butterfly net. This represents the struggle of the butterfly as it emerges from its cocoon. The struggle that strengthens its wings and makes the world sigh at its beauty when it metamorphoses finally.

Likewise, know that your end goal is the long game. It will take time to fruit. And so you must be patient.

Be shrewd. Be smart. Work consistently and intelligently. But also be patient.

Be the King of Swords within.



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That’s it for this week. Keep an eye out for the next installment in the Learn Tarot series on Thursday.

Have fun!


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Tarot image used from Tarot Illuminati deck by Eric C. Dunne.


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