I am a Top Writer!

Don’t you just hate it when you plan something for a week and then fail to do it because of some unforeseen mishaps?

Me too!

Last week was a complete disaster.

First, a malfunctioning wifi router lost me 3 good days. Then, I caught a cold. And finally, the results of a pitch competition I had entered in was announced, and I was not one of the winners (though I was one of the 5 honorable mentions).

Nevertheless, even though everything seemed to be falling apart, last week was still not a complete disaster.


Because I just became a Top Writer on Medium in 3 categories: writing, fiction, and psychology! Woot woot!

So looking back on the past week, I have realized one thing: we choose how we perceive our circumstances.

Choose to either focus on the negative and get discouraged, or choose to focus on the positive and see the silver-lining.

It’s always a choice we make.

How are you seeing the world around you?



19th June


This week take a leap of faith.


The Fool shows up when you are about to embark on a new journey.

A journey that scares you because it is different from what you know. But a journey you know deep in your gut is the right path to take.

Embrace this fear, be courageous, and take a leap of faith.

All good things come to those who try. Because those who do are never failures, only those who are too afraid to start.

Your gut is leading you the right way. Heed it and go!

Stand on the shoulders of those who have come before you, learn from their mistakes, and start.

Best of luck.



Have a great week!


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