So you came here looking to find out more about me.

Well, tough luck! We will get to that later. First, I want to talk about you.


Who are you?


No, seriously. Who are you?

While this can be easily solved by letting me know in the comments section below (in fact, make sure you do), the question’s intent is to make you think.

I believe that people reveal themselves through the way they choose to learn. And this can go two ways. You can either choose to think for yourself, or allow others to do the thinking for you.

If you are the latter, this site is probably not right for you.

The truth is: if you like people telling you how to lead your life and when to do what, or are happy following whatever happens to be the popular theory of the day, you are definitely not going to like me.

But if you are nothing like that—if you are imaginative, like to learn, and love to think for yourself—then you are going to love me.

Why? Because I believe there are two sides to every tale, and it is worth digging a little deeper to find the other one.

Does that sound interesting? Then perhaps it is time to tell you who I am.


I am Valeria Black.

mug shot

I am the author of the Ultimate Guide to Tarot Reversals and the Ultimate Guide to the Tarot Fool.

I am as eccentric as a writer ought to be, and am a lover of all things unconventional.

As a scientific individual and an occult enthusiast, I sometimes tend to confuse people who are either on one side or the other. But I believe science and magic are two sides of the same coin.

Don’t agree with me? Don’t be so quick to judge. If you brought someone from the 1600s to this century (obviously in a time machine), they would definitely think this world is magic!

With that bend to explore the unexplored and see things from a different angle, my works tend to make people think. And I tend to sprinkle in a healthy dose of wit and humor too, just to keep you on your toes.

But that’s enough about me now. I want to know more about you.

Why don’t you introduce yourself and leave a comment below. Remember how we discussed who you are? Maybe you can tell me about that mind-bending thing you learnt recently. Or your favorite food in the world.

Don’t be shy!


If reading the above made you feel an instant kinship with me, join the warm community of this site and find new friends at the Exclusive Reader’s Club. You will also get a free copy of my Ultimate Guide to the Tarot Fool just as a thank you for signing up.

—  Valeria



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