I am a Top Writer!

Don’t you just hate it when you plan something for a week and then fail to do it because of some unforeseen mishaps?

Me too!

Last week was a complete disaster.

First, a malfunctioning wifi router lost me 3 good days. Then, I caught a cold. And finally, the results of a pitch competition I had entered in was announced, and I was not one of the winners (though I was one of the 5 honorable mentions).

Nevertheless, even though everything seemed to be falling apart, last week was still not a complete disaster.


Because I just became a Top Writer on Medium in 3 categories: writing, fiction, and psychology! Woot woot!

So looking back on the past week, I have realized one thing: we choose how we perceive our circumstances.

Choose to either focus on the negative and get discouraged, or choose to focus on the positive and see the silver-lining.

It’s always a choice we make.

How are you seeing the world around you?



19th June


This week take a leap of faith.


The Fool shows up when you are about to embark on a new journey.

A journey that scares you because it is different from what you know. But a journey you know deep in your gut is the right path to take.

Embrace this fear, be courageous, and take a leap of faith.

All good things come to those who try. Because those who do are never failures, only those who are too afraid to start.

Your gut is leading you the right way. Heed it and go!

Stand on the shoulders of those who have come before you, learn from their mistakes, and start.

Best of luck.



Have a great week!

Tarot card meanings

Learn Tarot: The Suit of Swords

In the previous articles we have discussed how to quickly interpret the entire numbered series of the suit of Wands and Pentacles using the Story technique.

If you missed them, you can read them here:-

Suit of Wands

Suit of Pentacles

Today, we will delve into the suit of Swords and figure out its story.


Continue reading “Learn Tarot: The Suit of Swords”


What Are You Passionate About?


Passion is an interesting emotion.

It burns hot, gets our blood pumping, and makes us lose sleep.

In short, it sounds more like a medical condition that the precursor to greatness.

But that is exactly what passion is. Keep at it long enough and it births something extraordinary.  Continue reading “What Are You Passionate About?”

Community Round Table

How to Deal with the Pain of Change


This week in the Round Table we discussed how life is not a static process but a dynamic flow of events that must be adapted to and grown along-with. That’s the essence of change.

In this week’s round up, you will learn:-

  • How to deal with the pain of change.
  • The story of how one man’s quest to understand manhood made him realize that it was within him all along.
  • Other interesting stories from around the web.

Continue reading “How to Deal with the Pain of Change”

Tarot card meanings

Learn Tarot Quickly: How to Interpret the Tarot Suit of Wands

When you are a Tarot beginner, it can all seem very overwhelming.

How will I learn the meaning of all 78 cards? What if I make a mistake while reading for someone? Should I learn reversals too? How do I do a Tarot spread?

The first step is to relax and stop stressing out. It is not that difficult to read Tarot cards. You just need the right technique to learn it quickly.

That is: Splitting the deck into its natural groups and studying multiple cards together.

In today’s lesson, I will teach you this technique by showing you how to quickly learn the meaning of the numbered cards of the Suit of Wands.

Just remember: Tarot cards tell stories. Learn to find connections between the cards and you will make your life a whole lot simpler.

Ready to learn? Let’s dive in. Continue reading “Learn Tarot Quickly: How to Interpret the Tarot Suit of Wands”

Community Round Table

How Did Your Spiritual Journey Begin?



This week in the community round table, we discussed how our spiritual journeys began.

I know it’s not an easy question. Sometimes it is even difficult to pin down. That’s why I was blown away by every email I received on this topic.

There weren’t too many (and among them only Julia agreed to share her story with the world), but I am, nevertheless, grateful that you took some time to write back to me. You are truly amazing!

So without further ado, here’s what’s in this week’s round-up:-

  • The story of how my spiritual journey began with a dream.
  • Julia’s incredible story of growing spiritually to help her child.
  • A round-up of interesting stories on spiritual journeys from around the web.

I hope you enjoy this week’s round table.

P.S. Keep an eye out for next week’s newsletter (comes out tomorrow). The new round table topic will be posted at the end of it. Have a great day!

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Tarot Spreads

The Magician Spread

I love magic. I love the sleight of hand, the tricks that fool you, and the shows that magicians put on.

And I also love real magic!

The Magician of the Tarot is, for lack of a better word, a magical card. It crackles with power and awes us. It tells us we are capable of conjuring our every wish and desire. And it does so electrically fast.

This spread taps into that electricity. Continue reading “The Magician Spread”