Don’t dread reversals anymore!

In this book, you will learn:-

How to read reversals accurately.

The mindset shift required to breeze through this upside-down world.

Tool, tips, and exercises to strengthen your grasp on reversed cards.

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Major Arcana cards are a secretive bunch. Not anymore!

In this book, you will learn:-

How to decipher the meaning of the Fool (and any card) through the study of symbols.

The numerology of the mysterious zero.

Astrological association of the Fool.

…and more.

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The Reason Why These Books are Free


No one should hoard knowledge.


The reason why I intend to keep these books free is simple: I am a proponent for education. And though the subsequent books in the Ultimate Guide series may not be free (I need to put food on my table, after all), I have written these books with the intention to teach people how to approach learning Tarot the right way.

That means if you read these two nooks, you will be capable of striking out alone, whether you have the funds to invest in more books or not.

That’s also why you should share these books with your Tarot community and friends. Share this page, or email them a copy, I don’t mind. You can even write about these books on your blog/website and share them there, as long as you do not make any changes to the original content of the books. Just give me proper attribution (credits) while you are doing it.

Share the books and help someone else grow. #whatgoesaroundcomesaround

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