Manifest your dream life.

Life can be daunting.

And love can hurt.

But you don’t have to face it alone…

Hi, I am Valeria Black.

I have helped numerous people stop existing in no-man’s-land and start living the life of their dreams through my honest and guided Tarot readings. And I can help you too to regain power over your life, find love that lasts, and achieve your soul’s true purpose on Earth.

But I know that out of all who read this, many will not go that extra step and invest in themselves and their ideal life.


Because they are too afraid of failing (even though failure is just a state of mind).

They are too scared of growing (because growth requires effort and a desire for a better future).

And they fear the unknown (because the cards may tell them something they don’t want to hear).

If you are one of those people, you wouldn’t have read so far. But since you have, I know that you are the other kind: the brave and the determined. You are willing to reclaim power over your life rather than wait around for fate to throw you a bone. And you, my friend, will change your life.

How do I know it?

Because you know the value of a Tarot reading does not lie in the money paid for it. It lies in the wisdom and clarity gained.

Do you want to live an extraordinary life?

Do you want to reclaim your personal power?

Do you want to manifest abundance and your most inspired dreams?

Yes? I can help you achieve all this. But I can’t do this alone.

manifest dreams 1

I need you to actively involve yourself in the process, and show me your determination to be extraordinary.

I need you to take a stand for yourself and your dreams, and believe you can do this.

And I need you to truly meditate and know what you want because manifestation cannot happen outside of it.

If you are ready to do all that—to work with me and leave your mark on this world—then request a life-changing Tarot reading with me today.

What others are saying:-

The accuracy of the reading is amazing. It is true that I am rather frightened of my emotions and my unconscious. I am usually a logical person and have the tendency to ignore my intuition. For the most part, I am rather quite the control freak when it comes to how my life is supposed to run, though I do take a going-with the flow attitude a lot as well still without trusting my intuition. I am trying to embrace all of myself even if it is a difficult task. The solution you offered for my problem is on point and something I have had issues with for a very long time. I love how you added the quote, it fitted the reading perfectly. The description of your interpretation is very detailed. Was it helpful? Hahahahaha! Eff… It was like a punch to the face with how it just uprights told me that I needed to trust my intuition. I feel very empowered to make a change in my life, so much that I felt like chip feel off my shoulders. Thank you very much for this reading.

~~~ Bloody Earth (name changed on request)

This is excellent advice, and I will start this immediately. I am going to do some journaling from as objective of a view as possible to make sure I am painting a realistic portrait of what our relationship was actually like, not what I have built it up to be in my head. I do believe I have the answers that I need inside of me, it is just a matter of owning up to them, so to speak. I feel this reading was extremely accurate to my situation and the way I have been feeling. I can’t tell you enough how very helpful this has been for me. I already feel like I am gaining a little bit of my power back, and I feel a sense of hope in the future that has not been there for awhile. As for your presentation style, I think it’s great! Very informative and easy to understand.

~~~ Leandra

Do you want to change your life the way they did?

Order a personalized reading with me today and make that happen.


You will get:-

  1. A detailed Tarot reading tailor-made for you.
  2. A PDF copy of the interpretation.
  3. Tools and exercises to help you anchor the answers and grow beyond the reading.
  4. A chance to change your life.

But what is the price tag for this experience? I know you have been wondering this for quite some time now. So here’s the truth:-

For a reading of this kind where I will be investing a considerable chunk of my time, energy, and effort to help you grow, I can easily charge a lot of money. Maybe even over $100. But I don’t want to do that because that will make this opportunity well out of the reach of many. But neither can I charge too less, because I want to make sure that the ones who choose this are actually serious about making a difference in their life.

That’s why the price is a modest $50.


Like I have mentioned before, what you stand to gain from this reading is worth ten times more. Are you willing to invest in yourself and your true extraordinary dream?

If yes, click the button below. Only 10 seats available.

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